vrijdag 4 februari 2011


Hello, and welcome to my new blog! The goal of this blog is to document my adventures (both successes and failures) as I work to become an independent game developer. As so many people out there, I have dreamed of earning my money with game development since I was a child. Many aspire this dream, and few succeed: I am well aware of that. I do, however, believe that several things set me apart from the typical "I have a great idea for a game, can anyone learn me 3D Studio Max so I can make it?" guy you see all the time on the gamedev.net forums or other similar websites.

First and foremost, I have been programming games since I was 11 years old (I am 26 now). Over the years, I have programmed hundreds of small to medium sized projects, but left most of them unfinished. My first experience as a coder was learning Superlogo, a programming language developed specifically for children. Then I moved on to Klik 'n Play, a graphical programming tool that has since spawned a lot of sequels (The Games Factory, Multimedia Fusion), which are still used today to succesfully develop commercial games (see the Knytt games, for example). I then moved on to scripting languages such as the mIRC scripting language, in which I wrote an entire RPG, and then finally PHP. In PHP, I developed Castle Quest 1 and 2. The second game was released to great success in 2002, and is still played up to this day, peaking at 2000 active players a couple of years ago. Today, about 800 active players remain. Since the release of Castle Quest 2, I have developed many small projects, most of which have been unfinished as of yet.

I also have a master's degree in computer science and will soon (hopefully ;)) have a Ph.D in computer science as well. I have a lot of experience in C++, having developed several libraries and games in it in the past (see, for example, the Cistron component-based architecture). I am by no means a newbie to programming, and am quite verse in most of the relevant modern programming languages and paradigms.

And finally, I have a real, genuine passion for computer games. And true passion and dedication can get you far. I hope that my passion, combined with my computer science experience and experience developing and finishing games will be enough to make this undertaking a success!

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