vrijdag 24 juni 2011

Dungeon Builder: cistron switch

So I ended up with a lot of objects in the dungeon that needed to interact with each other on a neutral basis (ie no regulating object that takes care of communication - it's cumbersome). I again turned to Cistron, everyone's (well mainly my) favourite component-based architecture! I had to do a lot of recoding to fit the entire game into the Cistron system, but it was totally worth the wait: the final code was much simpler than the original prototype version.

But because of the switch, I have surpassed the time you usually take to prototype, so I guess I'm out of the prototype phase now :). Now that Cistron was in place, it became very easy to set up complex communications between different objects in the dungeon. For example, I experimented with heroes attacking each other once they realize one of them is carrying my treasure back to town, in order to capture it for himself. This resulted in quite amusing bloodbaths of tens of heroes bashing away at each other until only one survived, but it didn't add much to the gameplay, so I removed it (for now).

Because I didn't have any graphics at all, I was getting kind of annoyed playing the game myself. So I took it upon myself to spend a day or so building a somewhat attractive GUI to compensate for the total lack of interesting in-game graphics. Then it took another week to actually implement all the GUI interfaces (menu's, saving, loading, etc) until I finally got back to working on the actual game. Damn, GUI's are so much boring, boring work :(.

Either way, this is what the game looks like after the Cistron overhaul and the GUI added:

You have a hero (cyan) at the bottom fighting some imps (pink) stationed at different rooms. The imps are ranged creatures, so they shoot "fireballs" (red things) at the hero, resulting in some damage. The hero needs to get in close range to attack the imps so he's moving. When he dispatches of the imps, he will go for the treasure (gold) on top and head back to the exit.

Next up: digging!

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