dinsdag 21 juni 2011

Dungeon Builder: prototype

I chose C++ with SDL for the project. SDL seemed ideal to create a 2D, isometric/topdown game. C++ is my language of choice for pretty much everything and I have a HUGE library of classes and external libraries that I can immediately employ to get going quickly. I also chose not to bother with graphics, and go for abstract shapes, so I focus on the gameplay. Graphics can be added later.

The first focus was on getting a dungeon structure up, and being able to summon creatures. So after about a week, I had this:

A dungeon with rooms, treasure at the end, some imps (pink) that could be placed and a hero advancing through the dungeon. At this point, I was getting in trouble with my quick-and-dirty prototype implementation, because I needed complex interactions between creatures, heroes, projectiles thrown by ranged creatures, the dungeon itself and items on the ground. So I once again turned to my old workhorse: Cistron. Apparently I always end up using this framework that I developed a couple of years ago in pretty much every project I begin on. It's just such an incredibly natural way to model a world with different objects that interact with each other that I have a tough time imagining how to do it otherwise nowadays. My next post will deal with the transition to Cistron.

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